Wednesday, 7 October 2015


New buildings are easy on the eyes while I find older roofs full of character and stories.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Make over

Everyone loves a make-over. We're glad to see the reveal of newly renovated former town cinema.
To recap, back in 2013 we wrote about the planned renovation of the former cinema. And here it is all done! It is now known as Kelemen László Kamaraszínház and shall function as culture centre, theatre as well as housing a collection of musical instrument.

Here is a reminder of how it looked like :-

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sep 20 - Kocka Feszt

Kocka Feszt translate to Cube Festival. Although the exhibition is a small one, it was enough to excite this big kid.

Aug 16 - Baking competition

The winner of this competition was the poppy seed cake , placed just behind the scones in front.

Aug 16 - "Virágok Barátai - Barátok Virágai" flower show

The annual flower show held at the court yard of the town hall.
We were there early Sunday morning and managed to catch the solo performance of a musician name Sándor Radics. It was thoroughly enjoyable and so is the CD we bought from him.

Jul 08 - Summer in full force

We're now few days into autumn; but few months ago the summer heat was brutal.
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