Sunday, 30 September 2012

Historical costume weekend ~ The 20th century

Every weekend, the main square has been a buzz with live exhibition of historical costumes. We have come to the 20th century, war period. This is by far my favourite, the costumes not the period in history, of course. 2012-09-29 16.40.20 b 2012-09-29 16.40.04 b 2012-09-29 16.48.43 b 2012-09-29 16.49.12 b 2012-09-29 16.47.57 b
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Celebration of St. Michael's day

 Yesterday I saw these two float-like decoration at the main square, in celebration of St. Michaels' day.

I really like the Holly Crown of Hungary from this angle :) 

 Next to the Holy Crown is this fun work of art, made of straws (?)

 Lots of goats** of course!
While the human figures are well made, you see those red patterns at the bottom. Those are traditional Hungarian motifs - I love it!
This man is showing a demo. with whips.When he flicks the whip, a sound came off.

Quite impressive!  

** read the description of this blog.

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