Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Friday, 25 January 2008

Post WWII synagogue

This synagogue is no longer a place of worship due to it was unclaimed after WWII ; therefore, it is currently use as a conference centre and café.

It is one of the majestic landmarks in Kecskemét across the street from Cifra Palota on Szabadság square. According to the town's guide, the building was built between 1864 and 1871 in moorish-style

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Torkos Csütörtök 2008

photo source : Trendo

Yippee! Torkos Csütörtök 2008 (Gluttonous Thursday 2008) is back once again on Feb 7,2008. If you enjoy food and eating as much as I do, then you shouldn't missed this chance to try out the food outlets near you! :)

I think this is one of the main F&B events of the year ; whereby participating F&B outlets offer up to 50% off the normal price on selected menus. Below are the list of participating restaurants/cafés/Bars for Kecskemet.

Fekete Gólya Vendéglo
Kecskemét 6045
Borbás tanya 50

Granada Konferencia és Wellness Szálloda Étterme

Kecskemét 6000
Harmónia utca 12

Három Gúnár Étterem
Kecskemét 6000
Batthyány utca 1-7
76/483-611, 76/505-785

Háry Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Kodály Zoltán tér

Jakó Cukrászda Anna Kávéház

Kecskemét 6000
Petofi Sándor utca 7

Kalmár csárda

Kecskemét 6000
Úrihegy Tanya 51/2

Kisbugaci Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Munkácsy utca 10

Liberté Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Szabadság tér 2.

Mátyás Vendéglo

Kecskemét 6000
Akadémia krt
72 76/498-281

Rigó Vendéglo

Kecskemét 6000
Törökfái u. 138

Sasfészek Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Alsócsalános Tanya 3.

Trendo Kávézó és Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Korona Utca 2./3.em

Wernesgrüner Sörözo és Étterem

Kecskemét 6000
Aradi Vértanúk tere tér 6

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Sunday, 20 January 2008

At Szövetség tér

This morning the weather was mildly cold, great for a walk. So, after having the usual sunday lángos , we head toward Szechenyi Város (suburb of approx. 30k) . The purpose was to take a peep at the area where we found a nice flat for sale. Then along the way we saw this interesting looking statues at Szövetség tér (tér = square) ..the name is unknown to us. Any kecskeméti can help to identify?

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Friday, 18 January 2008

The suburb

The trees provide a sense of peace to the otherwise heavy traffic infront of these houses.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

200 year-old office building

When you enter the100+ 200 year-old admin. building it is as if you've gone back in time . As you walk up the staircase you get to see the different elements and styles of architecture. Our visit (due to paper works) is far too short to fully explore the building, but I'm sure we shall return very soon for more.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The first Piarist friars

The first Piarist friars arrived at the town in 1714....

Reading the town's guide, I learnt that this secondary grammar school has been operating for almost 3 centuries! The school was built next to the monastery between the two world wars following the plans of the professor of the Technical university, Dezso Hüthl. It is of Baroque style from outside. I have to find a chance to go inside to see how it is on the inside!

source : book ISBN 963 7813 75 6

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Evening rush

The main square is usually pretty busy during evening hours on weekdays.

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Thursday, 3 January 2008

5 months living in Kecskemét

click on photo to view larger

First off, Happy new year 2008 to you! Sorry, no photos of new year's celebration here as we spent it with friends in Szeged .
End of 2007 marked the 5th month living in Kecskemét for us. We're still looking for our own home ; hence, we couldn't commit to daily postings as this blog was originally set to do. Hopefully when things are settled, will be able to venture into the many attractions this town has to offer.
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