Sunday, 20 January 2008

At Szövetség tér

This morning the weather was mildly cold, great for a walk. So, after having the usual sunday lángos , we head toward Szechenyi Város (suburb of approx. 30k) . The purpose was to take a peep at the area where we found a nice flat for sale. Then along the way we saw this interesting looking statues at Szövetség tér (tér = square) ..the name is unknown to us. Any kecskeméti can help to identify?

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Palásti Viktor said...

Szövetség = association, testament, union, fellowship.
Nice photos, well done! I recommended your side on my blog. You may look at Kecskemét pictures, which I did today, there.

Greetings: Viktor

Kris said...

many thanks, Viktor :)
yes, does seem to symbolise fellowship.

it's a good thing that you commented as I lost your link when changing the theme the other day!

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