Sunday, 30 September 2012

Historical costume weekend ~ The 20th century

Every weekend, the main square has been a buzz with live exhibition of historical costumes. We have come to the 20th century, war period. This is by far my favourite, the costumes not the period in history, of course. 2012-09-29 16.40.20 b 2012-09-29 16.40.04 b 2012-09-29 16.48.43 b 2012-09-29 16.49.12 b 2012-09-29 16.47.57 b
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Julie said...

Hello, Krisz.

i am here for a visit. This blog looks really good. I like all the old uniforms in your most recent post, and the processing in sepia is very effective.

Which blog are you going use when joining in with the City Daily Photo group?

Postcards from SoCal said...

very nice tones, suits the theme and brings us back to history... great photos!

krisz said...

Hi Julie again :)

as of now, this blog is my priority since we do live here :D

while the old blog will be updated as and when I have good materials to post :)

krisz said...

Postcards from Socal,

The tone was adjusted or else it is just too buzy :)

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