Saturday, 29 September 2012

Celebration of St. Michael's day

 Yesterday I saw these two float-like decoration at the main square, in celebration of St. Michaels' day.

I really like the Holly Crown of Hungary from this angle :) 

 Next to the Holy Crown is this fun work of art, made of straws (?)

 Lots of goats** of course!
While the human figures are well made, you see those red patterns at the bottom. Those are traditional Hungarian motifs - I love it!
This man is showing a demo. with whips.When he flicks the whip, a sound came off.

Quite impressive!  

** read the description of this blog.

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1 comment:

Postcards from SoCal said...

St. Michael is one of the archangels I pay homage and pray to... he's one true warrior. :D

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