Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Csipero 2012 {12th Future of Europe International Children and Youth Meeting}

2012-07-10 15.48.18 2012-07-10 15.48.12 2012-07-10 15.48.22 2012-07-10 15.47.36
2012-07-10 15.51.19 2012-07-10 15.50.52 Other than being treated to interesting performances, I get to see various beautiful national costumes :)

Learn more about the event

Update : Here are the videos found on local tv!news/i_csipero_2012_104/t_Csiper%C3%B3%202012%20/index.html


Katarzyna said...

Where Can I watch live broadcvast from Csipero Festival? Is there any site where can I watch online this festival?

Kris said...

My appologies for not answering earlier. I'm not aware of any live broadcast online.

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