Thursday, 1 May 2008

May Day walk

Here's a gallery of this morning May day walk. The costumes were gorgeous, enthusiastic performances, lots of folk music, a chicky stiltman, yeah it was memorable!

- the grass is in lovely shade of green-

-the participants stopping for a dance-

- say 'Hi!' the folks in the carriage entertained us with folksongs along the way-

- giving the people what they have practiced all this while-

- men on stilt taking some R&R-

-Hungarian cowboys ( csikósok )-

-more lovely folk costumes-

-guys, get ready to dance-

- her style is very English , VIP perhaps? -

-aren't they adorable?-

-swirling confidently-

- group dance -

- eateries , a must!-

-i didn't know there's a lake at Széchenyiváros until now!-

-look what fun you get from the lake!-
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