Thursday, 10 July 2008

Csiperó 2008

I was told Csiperó is a type of bird species. Well, am too lazy to verify that ..haha.

Right now, Kecskemét is hosting Csiperó 2008 - 10th Future of Europe International Children and Youth Meeting. Read more about the history of the association here .

Between June 6-13 , 2008 , there are hive of activities and performances by participating countries around the town of Kecskemét. Check out the programmes schedule on the same link given above !

The following are some shots taken during the few times I managed to catch some street shows...

Flags of partipating countries. I do like the added colours to this church. 

Backstage. Look at the different expressions on these faces. Some of them were waiting to perform.

Like those costumes !

More of the same costume ;)

French brass band performing at the pedestrian. They began with tunes from the James Bond series...very cool !

On the other side while the brass band was playing, this non-mechanical rocking "boat" was entertaining those who 're not afraid of motion sickness !

Then this high wheel bicycle rode ! so many things happening at once !
Hopefully i'll be posting more from this event. Perhaps the laser show and fireworks from the closing ceremony ..they'd be nice :)

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