Friday, 4 January 2013

#4/365 All that's remained

2012-03-13 15

Ever since we moved here, I have been curious about this "ruin".. Unfortunately, the history of this site still remains a mystery to me. However, I am sure I will be able to share the story with you one day.

----Updated Jan 07,2013----

Wow! That "one day" came earlier than I thought! Turns out the info. is already available in the town's coffee table book. I'll just extract the text from the book itself :-

"The park with ancient ruins at the northern side of the church has been "exhibited" since 1974. During the excavations of 1973-74, the stone fence of the one-time cemetery and the foundations of the cemetery chapel of Saint Michael became visible."

source : ISBN 978-615-5064-02-9

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