Saturday, 2 March 2013

#61/365 Wild life

Can you see it? The deer?
We don't have a zoo in our town, but the waterworks company does keep a green area for the wild life. On a good day, you see herd of deer. The sight is just wonderful! Imagine these creatures are just next to the suburbs - so near yet so far. Alas, on the lucky day when we do see them, chances are my camera is not with me..grrr..but I have vowed one of these days, I am going to spend a whole day nearby to get a close up shot!

I was informed by commentator, Sala that we do have a wild park ; which my husband knew about :p. So, he said we could visit this coming summer!
Thanks, Sala!


VP said...

I always carry my camera with me, or at least try to... Good luck with your close up!

Sala said...

We have a Zoo!

Kris said...

oops, didn't aware (although my husband knew :p)! anyway, I would call it a "wild park" ; which we just now planned to visit this summer.
Thanks :)

I do bring most of the time; however, when we go that area is usually shopping and too heavy to carry :)

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