Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#121/365 Happy Labour Day

We're running late today because we took part in the Labour day parade. This was how the streets looked like just a few hours ago. Thankfully, the weather is sunny but not too hot, so perfect for outing and I have to say we enjoyed ourselves completely. Can't wait til next year.

I'll be inserting more photos later in the day.
These kids were dancing on and off during the 2km parade

They start young!
some start even younger! she is in traditional  Hungarian garb.

I have to say I was fascinated with this instrument!

There she is again :)

Cars waiting for the parade to cross; so, man on stilt went and tease one of the car's passengers

Too old to hold this; but truth is I wished I'd bought one!

I want that horse!

One of the events on the water to keep people entertained :)

Traditional Hungarian cooking over open fire. This method of cooking is called "Bográcsos"

Men on stilt taking a deserved break.

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Gerald (SK14) said...

what a wonderful time you must have had and good weather for it too

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