Friday, 20 September 2013

#263/365 A day at Bugac Puszta

We're very late with Friday's post ; but here you are!

The delay was due to that we spent a day out at the Bugac Puszta, which is part our region's National Park. Before we continue this photo heavy post. Let's understand the meaning of Bugac Puszta

Bugac is the largest separate area of the Kiskunsag National Park. A region with a wealth of outstanding natural beauty and environmental value, the Bugac area includes the highly protected Native Juniper Grove (Osborokas), sand dune forests and sand plains, marshes, bogs, boggy meadows, wet grasslands, sodic lakes and sodic plains. The sand-dune forests of junipers and poplars accommodate numerous rare species of plants and animals.

Puszta, the most common meanings of the word ‘puszta’ in Hungarian are: desolate, dreary, barren, treeless flat country.

source :

Welcome food and drinks!

This food is addictive. A bit like pizza , the topping is un mistakenly Hungarian.

After some refreshments, our carriage awaits!

Altogether our group hired 3 carriages. The ride is rather nice and fun :)

some traditional embroidery on our driver's vest.

The Hungarian grey cattle grazing while our carriage passed.

They were just doing their thing!

and then the horses appear...

someone please copy this design, a coat worn by ancient shepard @shepard museum

we're here for the horse show, let's get it started!

the set up is like a traditional landscape of the great plain.

yeah, he grabbed the most attention for his skill!

there are others as well doing an equally fine job :)

here he is again, galloping

going faster to please the crowd!

some tv crew was there too!

part of the tricks the horses learnt...

you can also cuddle like this for nap...

the whip sounds fierce, but no harm caused

close up of the traditional grab. I like the airyness of it.

how can I not post it when he posed for me :)

they start young!

whip action!

audience must participate...

final challenge..

After the show, we had lunch here and bought a souvenir for rememberence.


Tamera said...

Horses are amazingly smart creatures, aren't they? (Coincidentally I posted about horses today too!) Great post! It's fun to see your Hungarian heritage come to life.

Kris said...

oh let me go and check your horses now :D

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