Saturday, 21 September 2013

#264/365 Kodály concert hall

our first time in the Kodály music hall

Saturday :- another function to attend, a cello concert to be specific. The concert was organised by local district of International Lion's club.

Cellist from Germany

I read that it's the Lion's club's tradition to hold a competition of one musical instrument each year on the occasion. The cello was this year's instrument of competition. Cellists from France, Germany and Hungary competed. Although I 'm not a classical music lover, I find the French cellist performance moved me most. As it turns out, the French did win the competition!

Beautiful job, girls!

Before the announcement of the competition results, we were treated with a performance by Aurin Girl's Choir , a Kodály school's choir. Their performance was very moving ; where I find myself on the verge of tears on few bravo!


Tamera said...

I love cello music.

Kris said...

:) then you would've loved this!

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